Removing students or advisors from a list

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  • Select the list you want to modify, then click the checkbox next to each name that you would like to remove. From there, click on the “Action” button and select the “Remove # Students” or “Remove # Advisors” option. 
  • You can only modify lists in the “My Lists” section or the org lists that you manage.
  • If you choose to remove a student from one particular list, they will stay in your organization and you will retain their information in the All Students section as well as in any other lists they are part of.
    • In order to remove students from the organization entirely, you need to archive them in the “All Students” section, and then delete them from the “Archived/Students” section in the left navigation bar.
  • If an admin wants to remove one or more advisors from the organization, they need to go to the “All Advisors” section, select one or more names, and select “Delete # Advisors” from the Actions dropdown menu.

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