The invitation I sent to a student or advisor is not getting through. What should I do?

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  • Sometimes email servers will block our emails as spam or not on the allow list. If your invitation is not going through, you can still have students join your organization by adding your organization code.
    • Find your organization code in the top of the “Manage Student Invites” page
    • Share the 6-digit alphanumeric code with your student(s)
    • The student should open their profile menu and click on “Join an organization”. From there they will see a form where they can add the code that you shared with them. 
  • NOTE that advisors can only join via an emailed invitation. If your advisor(s) are not receiving the invite, see if you can update your organization’s allow list. If that doesn’t work, reach out to and we will help you find another way to add them.

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