Uploading financial aid letters on behalf of the student

  • Updated
  • Advisors now have the ability to upload a financial aid letter on behalf of a student, provided that student has added the school to their DecidED list. 
    • DecidED can read any PNG, JPG or PDF.
  • Select the dropdown menu next to the college name in the Student Detail view, and click on the “Upload Letter” to upload the image file(s). 
  • If the award letter images end up being more than one file, make sure you upload them in the correct order (page 1, 2, etc.).
  • After adding the image(s), you need to confirm where the student plans to live while in college. If you don’t know yet, just click “Not Sure” and DecidED will assume on campus living for now. 
  • You or the student can change their specified living situation and housing and meals budget in DecidED at any time by re-uploading the letter.

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