Student quick start

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  1. Add your first school 

    • DecidED has information about nearly 2,000 four-year colleges and institutions, as well as two-year institutions. To search for a college, you can either:
      • Search by name: enter any word from the college name in the top search bar
      • Search by a category and enter filter criteria to narrow down your search. Categories and filters include:
        • Location: type in a state name in the search bar or select one of the states on the US map in the pop-up modal.
        • Major: enter part or all of a subject major in the search bar
        • Type: Filter the search by college size, public or private school, and schools that have a specific mission (HBCU’s, HSI’s) or religious affiliation.
    • Once you have a list of filtered results, add any school to your list by clicking the “Add to My List” button on the far right.
  2. Upload a financial aid award letter

    • Once you’ve added one or more schools, you can upload an award letter, compare two or more schools side by side, or research our guides for assistance on all aspects of deciding on a school and making a plan to pay.
  3. Update your progress

    • Keep an eye on your progress towards applying for and being accepted into college by updating each college’s status in the top right corner of the profile page.

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