How DecidED helps students

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DecidED gives students who are applying to two-year and/or four-year colleges a variety of tools to help them choose which school they want to attend.

  • You can search schools and compare them for fit factors such as location, graduation rates, campus diversity, and more. 
  • Once you start receiving financial aid award letters from the schools where you are accepted, you can upload those letters to DecidED. The tool shows you a  breakdown of the free financial aid you have received (such as grants or scholarships). Once you know this amount, you can easily compare how much money you need to attend each school. 
  • DecidED provides our own assessment of how affordable a college might be for you. We calculate our affordability rating based on what we know about how much of a loan is manageable or how much part time work you may need to do in order to finance your education.

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