Other college fit factors

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Aside from the affordability, DecidED displays information on several other key fit factors you should take into account when evaluating which college you want to attend, including:

  • Select a Major
    • By default, DecidED shows you the top three majors at each school. You can also search to see if the major(s) you are interested in are available and build your own list.
  • Graduation Rate
    • DecidED shows a four-year college graduation rate or a two-year graduation rate for two-year programs. If you have entered your ethnicity in your DecidED Profile we will share a graduation rate for students who identify as that ethnicity.
  • Earnings
    • We share the average earnings for all students who have graduated from that school six years after graduation. 
  • Diversity
    • DecidED can tell you how diverse the college campus is based on the percentage of students who identify as students of color and the percentage of students who receive some form of need-based financial aid. If you have entered your ethnicity in your DecidED Profile we will share this information specifically for students who identify the same as you.
  • Campus Environment
    • It is important to know what type of campus the colleges you are evaluating offer, so that you can see if that environment aligns with your personal preferences and needs. Do you prefer a large school in an urban environment or a small or medium sized school that is in a suburban or rural setting?

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