Finding award letters

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After you are accepted, the school will give you a financial aid award showing your grants and scholarships. Financial aid awards go by a few other names, such as:

  • Merit Letter
  • School Aid Offer
  • Financial Aid Package
  • Award Letter

You might receive this letter digitally, or via paper mail, or you may have a portal at that school that you log into to see your financial aid results.

  • You can receive an award letter as early as December, or as late as mid-late April, before making your enrollment decision.
  • DecidED has written a whole guide called "Find Your Financial Aid Award Letter". Check it out!

Having trouble finding your letter?

  • Colleges usually send your financial aid award after your acceptance letter. This is important, so keep checking to see if you've received it.
  • To get your award, you may have to verify your family's finances. Check for an email or letter telling you to submit additional documents or that you are selected for verification. If so, complete the necessary steps. We have a whole guide on "What You Need to Know About Verification".
  • If you think you should have gotten your award but haven't received it yet, call the college's financial aid office. There is a link to that office contact information at the top of the college‚Äôs profile page in DecidED.

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