Uploading a financial aid award letter to DecidED

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Once you find your financial aid award, you can download it from the college’s portal or take a picture of the physical letter. 

  • DecidED can read any PNG, JPG or PDF file. 
    • Download or save a PDF if you received the award letter via email.
    • Take a screenshot of the letter or college financial aid website on your phone or computer. Make sure you capture all the sections that show finances.
    • DecidED has instructions on how to take a screenshot from any device. Just click on your device name in the dropdown menu in the “Upload Images” page to see specific instructions. 
  • From there, click on the “Add Your Award Letter” button and upload the image file(s).
  • If your images end up being more than one file, make sure you upload them in the correct order (page 1, 2, etc.).
  • After you add your image(s), you need to confirm where you think you will live while in college. Living on campus vs. off campus affects how much money you are going to pay to the college directly. If you don’t know yet, just click “Not Sure” and DecidED will assume on campus living for now. Read our guide, "Housing and Meals Explained" to learn more.
    • You can change your specified living situation and housing and meals budget in DecidED at any time by re-uploading the letter.

NOTE: If you are working with an advisor in DecidED, they also have the ability to upload a letter on your behalf for any college you have added to your list.

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