Reviewing financial aid letter results

  • Updated
  • After you upload your letter, if it is automatically reviewed, you will see a screen that summarizes all of the free financial aid you are being offered by the school. 
  • DecidED only shows guaranteed free money. That means we do not show you loans or work study money that is offered. 
  • We also leave out any health insurance grants, as those fees are not included in the estimated tuition and fees on DecidED.

  • It is a good idea to take a look at these numbers and make sure that they line up with your original award letter. If not, you can always send us a note or question by clicking the “I Need Some Help” button on the upload results screen. 
  • You can also report an error from the main college profile screen by clicking the “Report an Error” button at the bottom of the First Year Breakdown on the College Profile Page. 
  • You can check these numbers against the letter itself any time by clicking the “Edit Financial Aid” button directly below the Affordability Pie Chart on the College Profile screen.

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