Editing your financial aid results

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  • Sometimes a financial aid offer letter doesn't give the whole picture for the free money that a student has available to support their college costs.
  • You can add other sources of financial aid that may not have shown up on the letter, like a gift from a relative, a part-time job, or an outside scholarship to each school you have financial aid results for in DecidED.
  • Click "Edit Financial Aid" on the college screen, then click on the “Add Additional Financial Aid” button in the Edit Financial Aid screen.
  • Select what type of aid you have received, and enter the name and the financial aid amount for the year. 
  • You can add subsequent amounts by clicking “Add Another Award?” or press the “Continue” button to review or edit your new results next to the letter again.
  • Make sure to click the “Save” button to save the new financial aid to your results.

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