Updating your college enrollment progress

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You can update the status for every college on your DecidED list directly on your Student Path page or within college profile page

  • From your Student Path page, after you add schools to your list, you’ll see an information card for each school, including a dropdown menu where you can update the progress for that school. Any updates will also be reflected in the progress bar.
  • From the college profile page, click on the drop down menu in the top right corner, right below the search button. From there you can see five different options to reflect how far along you are in your enrollment decision:
    • Interested - any school you add to your DecidED list is automatically given this status.
    • Applied - update this status after you submit your application(s).
    • Accepted - update this status after you receive an acceptance letter.
    • Uploaded letter - this status automatically updates for any school where you upload an award letter to DecidED.
    • Enrolled - you should update this once you make your enrollment decision. 

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