What information your advisor will see from your DecidED account

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When you accept an invitation from your advisor to join their organization in DecidED, you are sharing with them:

    • Your profile information, as entered in DecidED. That means if you share your race or ethnicity, or your zip code, that will also be visible to the advisor, in addition to your grade level.
    • Your college list. They can see every college you have added to your account, even if you end up deciding to delete that school from your list. They can also see if you have already applied, been accepted, uploaded a letter or enrolled at a college based on what you enter in DecidED.
    • All of the data you see for every college on the DecidED college profile page. We share all the same data with advisors - graduation rate, majors, expected earnings, campus diversity and environment, etc.
    • Estimated costs.
    • Financial aid award results for any letter you upload to DecidED. Like you, the advisor sees all of the free financial aid you have been offered in an award letter that you upload to your account
    • The letter itself. Advisors are able to download a letter for themselves after you upload it, so that they can support you in analyzing other factors in the letter that DecidED may not touch on, such as campus fees that are not in the estimated costs or other types of funding that is not free financial aid.

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