Advisor dashboard features

  • Updated
  • The Advisor Dashboard contains two main tabs: My Students and My Groups
    • In the My Students tab, advisors can view and filter a summary list of every student who is sharing information about their college search, including their progress, the colleges they are considering, and the DecidED affordability rating of each college (if the student has uploaded any award letter results). 
      • Advisors can send messages to one or more students on their student list directly through DecidED from the students tab. 
      • Advisors can download two different reports in CSV format on the students tab. One report summarizes all students’ progress in terms of aggregate numbers. The other report provides detailed information about each student and their college options, including a cost and award letter breakdown for each school.
      • Advisors can click on a student name from their list to see a detailed view of the student’s progress, including a side-by-side comparison of college costs, award letter results, and other fit factors. Advisors can also download a copy of each award letter that was added by the student from the student detail view.
    • In the My Groups tab, advisors can create, manage, join, or leave organization groups. See our article on "How to create and manage groups" for more information.

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