Advisor dashboard features

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  • The Advisor Dashboard contains two main sections: All Students and (for organization admins,) All Advisors. There is also an Invite + section, where advisors and admins can manage student and advisor invitations to join the organization.
    • In the All Students section, advisors can view and filter a summary list of every student who is sharing information about their college search, including their progress, the colleges they are considering, and the DecidED affordability rating of each college (if the student has uploaded any award letter results). 
      • See all students in the organization and create and manage student lists.
        • The lists under “My Lists” are personal and not shared across the organization. 
        • The lists under “Org Lists” are shared with one or more advisors. 
      • Select one or more students by clicking the checkbox next to their name and clicking on the “Create list” button to make a new list.
      • After selecting one or more students, click the “Action” button in the top right corner to see a list of additional options, including:
        • Sending in app messages
        • Adding to an existing list
        • Assigning them to an advisor
        • Exporting one of two different reports in CSV format 
        • Archiving students
      • Advisors can click on any student name to see a detailed view of that student’s progress, including a side-by-side comparison of the costs, award letter results, and other fit factors for the colleges that student has added to their list. Advisors can also download a copy of each award letter that was added by the student from the student detail view.
    • In the All Advisors section, organization admins can view and filter a list of every advisor who is working in the organization.
      • From there, admins can create, manage, archive and delete Advisors’ Lists.
      • Admins are also able to manage each Advisor's role and access in DecidED. 
    • In the Invite + section, advisors select the Student or Advisor dropdown to manage or create invitations to join the organization.

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