Managing your profile

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You can access your DecidED account profile at any time by clicking on the cube with the head and shoulders icon at the top right corner of your dashboard. From there you can:

    • Edit account information by clicking on the pencil button labeled “Edit.”
    • Change your name, job title, add or edit a phone number, and change your email.
    • Change your email subscription permissions.
    • View the name of the organization that you have open and your role settings for that organization, as well as the Organization Code for inviting students.
    • Edit and change the organization name.
    • Leave the organization.
    • Switch which organization you are viewing, if you have joined more than one organization in DecidED.
    • Delete your account.
      • You can remove your account from DecidED any time. You can also email us at if you want to make sure we remove any data associated with your account from our database.

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