How to add students to your organization

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Students need to opt in to share their DecidED progress with their advisor. There are two ways that advisors can ask students to join their organization in DecidED:

  • Invite students to share their progress with you via email.
    • From the top navigation bar in your dashboard, click on the “Invite +” button and “Students”. 
    • A “Manage Student Invites” screen will appear. Select the “Invite Students +” button to invite students via email.
    • From the “Invite New Students” popup, enter one or more email addresses. There is no limit on the number of invites. You can copy and paste a list from a spreadsheet or a comma-separated list.
    • You have the option to assign an advisor from your organization to the student(s) you are inviting. You can also leave them unassigned.
    • Students will receive an email with a link to accept your invitation. From there, they will be prompted to either log in or create a new account if they don’t already have one.
  • Share an organization code with students. 
    • Your organization has a unique 6-digit alpha-numeric code. Email us at if you are having trouble finding your organization code.
    • You can share that code with any student who is registered with DecidED. They can enter the code on their profile menu under “Organization Info” to join your organization.

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