Create a list

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  • From the “All Students” section, select one or more students, and click on the “Create list' button in the top right corner.
  • A screen will appear with list options to fill out:
    • List Name 
    • The number of students you’ve already included in the list. (You can always add more students later.)
    • Shared list settings - You can share the list with any other advisors from your organization, or you can select the “Don’t share with anyone in your organization” option if you want to keep it private. 
    • List Owner - By default, you are the owner of any list you create. Choose another advisor to be the list owner if you don’t want to manage this list (note you will no longer be able to edit the list if you change the list owner to someone else).
  • Organization admins can select one or more advisors from the “All Advisors” section and follow all the same steps above to create an advisor list.

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