Student detail view

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Select a student name from any list or from the All Students section to see a more detailed view of an individual student’s college options and progress.

After selecting a student name, a new screen opens that shows a side-by-side comparison of all the colleges that the student has added to their list. This includes details on the DecidED affordability rating, the total costs covered by free money, and the college bill and life budget amounts remaining after financial aid.

  • Four-year and two-year colleges
    • DecidED shows two different comparison views - one for four-year programs and one for two-year programs. If a student is looking at both types of programs, you can toggle between their options by selecting the appropriate button in the top right corner of the student detail screen.
  • College sort order
    • Colleges are default sorted by the date the student added them, but students can drag and drop colleges in any order that they prefer.
    • The detailed student view also shows you which college, if any, the student has marked as a favorite. If the student has favorited a school, it will be the first school in their list and there will be a star next to the college name.
  • Download award letter
    • If students have uploaded a financial aid letter, advisors can download and review the letter by selecting the “Download” button to the right of the college name.
  • College profile
    • The student detail view also shows advisors all of the same details about a school that students see, including important fit factors like majors, graduation rate, and campus diversity and environment.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the screen to see the breakdown of first year costs by category and details on any grants or scholarships the student received.

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