Setting advisor roles

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Admin users can change the role of advisors in their organization to Admin or they can switch an Admin to an Advisor role 

  • Advisor role: Advisors can invite students and can view all students in the organization from the “All Students” section. They can create student lists and view any student list that fellow advisors or admins share with them. They are not able to view the “All Advisors” section and do not have access to Advisor lists.
  • Admin role: Admins can invite students and advisors and can view all students and advisors in their organization. They can create and share student or advisor lists and can view any organization lists that are shared with them. Only Admins are able to view and manage the “All Advisors” list.
  • To edit an Admin or Advisor’s role, select a checkbox on the left side of an Advisor’s name and click on the Action dropdown button on the right side of the screen. Then, select the Edit Role option and follow directions in the pop-up menu.

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