What is DecidED?

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DecidED is a free college cost comparison tool created by Moneythink, an education-technology nonprofit with over 14 years of experience serving students, advisors, and their communities across the country. DecidED provides students, educators and advisors with resources, tools and guidance to compare college costs, financial aid benefits, and other fit factors. There are three user roles within DecidED:

  • Students make sense of financial aid award results, and compare their college options based on personalized fit factors such as graduation rate and campus diversity. 
  • Advisors can access the DecidED dashboard with real time student updates, students’ financial aid results and help students compare options for the best enrollment decision.
  • Partners are given access to the admin dashboard, allowing them to create accounts for other educators across a team. Additionally, partners can assign a limited advisor role and customize advisor permissions. Partnering also allows access to customized support to effectively  implement DecidED with students.
  • Partners and Advisors can also download CSV reports with details on every college a student is researching as well as their financial aid results and remaining college bill.

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