Managing organizations

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  • In the top right corner of the screen, click on the profile button to view the Profile menu.
  • In the “Organization Info " section on the Profile menu you can see the name of the Organization that you have active on your dashboard, as well as your role (Admin or Advisor) and the Organization Code, which you can share with students who want to share their DecidED progress with you and join your organization. 
    • There is a dropdown menu under “Switch Your Org.” where you can alternate between other organizations you have been added to in DecidED, if that is the case. Whichever organization you select will be your default organization the next time you log in. You can switch organizations at any time.
    • You can click “Edit” in the top right corner of this section and a pop up will appear where to edit the name and save changes
    • You can choose to “Leave” the Organization(s) you are currently viewing by clicking “Leave” next to the Organization name. 
    • You can copy and share the Organization Code with students who want to join your Organization. They would add this code to the “Organization Info” section of their student profile.

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