Configuring organization settings

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To modify global organization settings such as manual review, select “Org. Settings” from the drop down menu on the top right corner of the admin tab. From there you can:

  • Edit the organization name
  • Set a number of days after which all uploaded letters are purged
  • Turn manual review on or off for all jobs

Purge letter files setting

  • To set DecidED API to automatically purge the files uploaded under your account, you can open the “Org. Settings” screen and then edit for the set number of days after which files should be deleted.
    • If set to zero, letters will be deleted within a day. 
    • Files are not deleted if this field is left empty.

Manual Review Settings

Moneythink is able to manually review letters that are not supported by the DecidED automatic classifiers. If enabled, this means a human set of eyes will review any letter that is not automatically reviewed. 

  • You can set a global setting for the organization by switching the ‘Globally enable manual review for failed letters’ toggle on or off. 
    • You can only set this preference on the organizational level, not the job level. If you want to change settings from job to job, you will need to go back into your organization settings each time you upload a job. 
  • Optionally, you can also choose to enable manual review for specific letter types that are automatically flagged for review by the DecidED API:
    • Letters that don’t have any “free financial aid” such as grants or scholarships, but only have loans or work study offered.
    • Letters whose file size exceeds our limit (5MB).

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