Viewing job results

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Users will be notified by email when all letters in a job have been processed. Click anywhere within a job row to see the job summary and each uploaded letter’s translation status. Most letters are automatically processed within seconds, but letters requiring manual review typically  process within one business day. Any letter that isn’t automatically “Ready” or “Pending” is sent to manual review by default, based on your organization settings

Each award within a job queue results in one of the following statuses:

  • Pending: The letter has not been uploaded or is still processing.
  • Manual review: We couldn't process the letter automatically and it's waiting for a manual review from our team.
  • Ready: The letter has been processed correctly.
  • Invalid: The file was manually reviewed and we determined this is not a valid award letter.
  • Not supported: We couldn't process the letter automatically, although we might have extracted some partial data. However, manual review was not enabled for this job so we couldn't complete the process.
  • Bad file: We don't support this type of image, the file is not an image, or the file is damaged.
  • Canceled: The job was canceled before we could process this letter.
  • Size limit exceeded: The file (after conversion) is bigger than our limit of 5MB.

The default view is to show 10 letter file results per page, but that can be adjusted in increments of five. We can show up to 30 results per page.

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