Exporting job results

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Users can export a job’s results at any point. Click on “Export Job” within a job’s results page to download a CSV file of the detailed translation results. To export multiple jobs at once, check the boxes next to each job on the “Jobs” tab and click the export button above the table.

Exporting will send a link to download a CSV file to the email associated with your user ID.

CSV Export File Fields

The fields in the job export CSV file represent the following values:

  • Job ID: ID of the exported job. 
  • File name: file name taken from the uploaded file.
  • Letter status: processing status of the letter. 
  • Description: name of the grant, scholarship, or other item as stated on the award letter.
  • Value: dollar amount of the line item.
  • Category: aid type. Grant, Loan, etc.
  • Subcategory: aid subtype. Pell, SEOG, Cal, etc.
  • Source: distributor of aid. Federal, State, etc.
  • Term: award term of aid. Annual, fall, spring, etc.

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